Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Few Reasons . . .

. . . I love my husband.

I came downstairs and found these with a note from my sweetie. He had taken three of our children to the store and they each chose part of the bouquet.

The two younger ones have enjoyed one on one time with their daddy each night as he reads to them. My little one has taken a liking to Nancy Drew Notebooks and my little man gets excited to hear what will happen next in his Hardy Boys book.

My sweetie makes me smile and gives so much of himself for our family. I am truly blessed.


Tammie said...

what a beautifully thoughtful idea! you are greatly blessed!

Princess said...

She is so cute
I love my Daddy

Jodi said...

They are beautiful! Love the colors. Your little one is so cute. Can't wait to meet her!