Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Forgotten Book

I have passed over this book for a few months now. My excuses: no time, no interest, fear, anger. Surely, I needed to read other books. Ones on grief. Others on teaching. Maybe a book to make me laugh. The other day I walked by the neat pile of books where my Bible was properly placed next to my desk and God said, "Take it. I want you to read this."

I believe the Spirit thrust out my hand to grab God's Word, wakening a desire that had been dormant for too long. I opened His Word, settled in my office, doors closed, with my feet pulled up cozy waiting to hear from God. He has heard me all along. He has held me in the hurt, in the joys, in the pain, in the relief. That day, I took the time to sit and listen to Him. I would love to say that I had some earth shattering, life changing revelation. What I did receive was a feeling of peace and love from my faithful, loving God. The Words of His book brought me another step closer in healing my heart.

When God allows my world to be rocked, He wants me to rest in Him and what I know to be true about Him. The only way to know that truth is to read His Word. I have been blessed to have been saved since I was six years old and to have been brought up in a Christian home where godly influences were prevalent in school and home as well as church. All that knowledge and influence is a good thing, but it only becomes real when I internalize the truth of that knowledge.

I struggle still with the why's of God's plan. Yet, as I slowly come to a place where I can listen more attentively to His Word, that plan becomes more acceptable. Notice I didn't say understandable.

God's Word is alive and powerful. His Scripture is profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness, so that I can be prepared for what He has for me. His Word is a lamp and a light for the paths in my life.

I need to reach out and grab that book more often.


Princess said...

I do to

Jodi said...

I struggle with it too...but I know someday it will all be revealed, and that's what I have to go on for now. That and finding comfort in His Word, as I pray you are finding too.