Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Angel

My angel entered my world sixteen years ago. She came surprisingly early by a week. She arrived a tiny, wide-eyed little bundle of blessing. I wept as she lay in her bed, clutching her daddy's finger. We didn't know how to be parents, but were trusting God to lead the way into this new world. I was happy.

I am happy. My little angel has grown to be a godly young woman. I love watching her determination and skill on the soccer field. I smile as she plays with her sisters and brother. I cry with her when things hurt, and laugh with her in the silliness of life. I admire mostly her love for God that has developed in her heart and has evidenced itself in her life.

They say that time goes faster the older you become. I wish it weren't true. In a few short years she will be heading off to college in an adventure of her own. I know that will make me sad.

For now, I am glad that my angel is home with me. Sixteen years have gone too quickly.

(My Angel with her Grandma)


Jodi said...

God Bless your Angel! She sounds wonderful. I hope to meet her one day..hint..hint...hope we can get together soon. You're right, it goes by too quickly..:) Enjoy every moment, as I'm sure you do!

jennifer said...

The time does go so fast! It seems like yesterday our oldest turned 16 and now we are six months from her moving on to her "new" life, outside of our home.

Enjoy every minute!