Saturday, December 12, 2009

Unusual Saturday

Today was strange. I didn't leave the house for anything.

I did some laundry, cleaned a bit, read to my little one, played Wii with my son, took a brief nap, watched a movie with my sweetie, read some, finished a few Sudoku puzzles, prepared a simple dinner, and welcomed my angel home after being gone for a few days at a basketball tournament (which they won).

I rarely enjoy this type of day in my home. Usually our schedule fills our days. For some reason, this turned into a restful day.

My sweetie will beg to differ, as his day was filled with one on one activities with the kids: BJ's shopping with our little one, bowling with our princess, Christmas shopping with our little man, and pick up duty for our angel. I can't thank God enough for the blessing I have in my sweetie. I love watching him interact with the kids and take advantage of the little things to make a difference in their lives.

Tomorrow will begin another filled week as we move closer to Christmas. Today, I will be thankful for some pleasant quiet.

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jennifer said...

It sounds like a fantastic day! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I wish you many more. :)