Monday, December 7, 2009

Technology is Cool

We enjoy the privilege of homeschooling in our family. I hold most of the teaching responsibility. However, we do "sub-contract" sciences past 6th grade as well as foreign languages (at least until next year). My sweetie has joined me in teaching the high school history for which I am thankful. I enjoy history, but since he has a degree in it, he is the better choice. We recently acquired a webcam to assist us in this.

My hubby has the opportunity of being self employed and, therefore, can set his schedule to adapt to our family. Even with that, it has been a challenge for him and my daughter to find time at home after work to discuss the curriculum. Thus the webcam. Today became the maiden voyage of this endeavor. As my daughter uses her own computer, he was able to contact her via the internet and they could discuss more effectively. It is a cool thing to be able to use such technology in our classroom.

Oddly, it seems like the Jetsons. Remember that cartoon? Who would have thought how predictive that would be.

If you are on who also educates your children at home, I would love to hear how you have been able to incorporate technology into your learning experience. Technology is not the end-all, for certain, but it has been fun to experiment with it in order to enhance my children's education.

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Jodi said...

I love it! My oldest uses ALEKS Math over the internet. When we used another program, she would email her scores to me. Other than that, not much. We are only down to 1 computer right now, but once we get another one, I'm sure we'll find a lot more technology!