Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tree House

A friend introduced me to a special treat – a coffee shop settled on the quaint main street of a small town nearby. The fact that this comfortable hangout is owned by a young Christian couple who do not appear to be fearful of being obviously Christian adds additional charm and appeal.

Having only been there three times in the last month, I have not gotten tired of this treat.

My friend and I have shared tears, stories, and a good cup of mocha latte. All the while, the little ones played (There are toys provided so moms can talk), read books, or sat and enjoyed Swedish Fish.

I brought my mom along recently. What a blessing to talk, share, cry, and laugh together. We don't have a problem talking together, but I have enjoyed sharing my time with her without the bigger kids who have listening ears.

This past week, the Tree House calendar stated that homeschoolers would meet for board games. The kids and I were intrigued and tried it out. Unfortunately, we were the only ones there. No matter. The kids enjoyed their hot chocolate and I my tea. My mom came and challenged me in Farkle, and the kids played among themselves. As the games wound down, the kids found the comfy couches and books that lined the storefront window. I think we will try again at meeting some other homeshoolers. In the meantime, one cannot go wrong with a cup of chocolate, a book, games, good music, and good company.

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Jodi said...

I've heard of the Tree House, and the game night. I'd love to meet you and your family there. Let's set something up after Christmas. That place looks fun!