Monday, December 21, 2009

Polar Express

Have you ever tried lapbooking in school? I was introduced to it last year, and I have enjoyed experimenting with it. Unit studies have their pros and cons, but for special occasions, they work exceptionally well. This Christmas, my little one worked with my little man and me to complete a lapbook on The Polar Express. The material for the lapbook is available free online. I was amazed at how much my little one could comprehend in the way of vocabulary, geography, biomes, and figurative language.

Today we climaxed our study with viewing The Polar Express movie. Of course, we had to pop some popcorn and mix up some hot chocolate "as thick as melted chocolate bars".

It was kind of a nice way to spend a sunny, snowy Monday before Christmas.


Jodi said...

We did a Polar Express Lapbook too! It was a lot of fun, and turned our really nice!

Merry Christmas!

Brooke said...

We did the Polar Express Unit this past week. The lapbook looks really cool though. Maybe next year too!