Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July Already

I can't believe how quickly the summer is going. I have never been a mom who looked forward to my kids going back to school in the days when they went to a traditional school. Having my kids home seems right. Summer is a concentrated time for us to hang out and have fun. Learning happens, just without the textbooks. Being pregnant has changed this summer a tad as morning (read all day and sometimes night) nausea has slowed me down. That should change soon, hopefully.

I was looking at my pictures and found some reminders of summer silliness. Seems like I haven't taken enough of the everyday stuff lately. The kids have enjoyed playing together. We haven't done anything worth a wow factor, but it has been a good summer none-the-less.

We still have VBS, soccer camp, play dates, baseball games, shore visits, girls' overnight camp, camping with grandpa without parents, and camping with parents and cousins two times. I guess that is a lot to fit in between now and Labor Day. The days will only go faster.

My baby belly is growing. My little one is that – little. Even at that, he/she showed his active personality in an early ultrasound the other day. Amazing! God is so awesome in His creation.

School will be upon us soon. I will be ordering books in the next week. One day this week will be spent solely on preparing a high school literature curriculum. (Wish me luck. I'll let you know how that goes.) I do look forward to teaching my kids in the fall, but the break has been good.

What are some of your most favorite summer memories? I would enjoy reading them.


Brooke said...

So glad you were taking the second picture and not in the middle of it! Yes, summer is quickly slipping away. Homeschooling was once again cemented in my heart by a principal I used to teach for. God is good to give me glimpses of his plan.

I am loving summer evenings outside with the kiddos.

Jodi said...

I enjoy the summer too, as a homeschool mom, it's nice to spend time with my kids without being their teacher and the structure that goes along with the school year.

Hopefully we can get together one day soon.

I'm so excited to follow your pregnancy:)

You probably already know my answer to this one: many shore memories with my family, especially my mom...now that she's gone.

When do you all start school?

Sandy said...

Hi homeschooling friends. I share in your summer memories. Brooke, it is amazing how God solidifies what He wants for us in our hearts. I know that God can change what we are doing in an instant, but I think I would be sad if my kids had to be gone all day everyday. Jodi, we start school in mid/late Aug., but they are only partial weeks until after Labor Day. This year should be interesting with the baby coming in Feb. The year will go a little longer as I will take off a couple of weeks.

He & Me + 3 said...

I loved those pictures. WE have been enjoying summer to the fullest too. It has been busy but good. Hope you are getting the rest you need. Congrats!

monica said...

love these pictures.

summer here has been weird, weather-wise. it's yet to get super hot, as we've had so much rain. perhaps August will be more summery.