Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ordinary Mom Bible Study

I ventured into new territory at my church. In order to meet new friends, I became part of a mom's Bible study this summer. I find the book interesting so far and yet very different from what I am used to. Then again, different can be good, I guess. This week I was encouraged to read Psalm 139. I am always amazed at God's Word. No matter how many times I read a passage, the words can somehow jump off the page as if I have never read them before. For what it's worth, I wanted to share a few of those wow moments with you.

God knows when I sit (to catch my breath) and get up again (many times to deal with kids' problems). He knows my thoughts (both the good and the bad, even when I am tired and don't want to do anything). Even before the words reach my tongue, God knows what I am going to say (whether it is said for encouragement, discipline, anger, frustration, or love). God hems me in on all sides (even when the walls may seem to be closing in, or my desires are out of reach, He is not). I can't get away from God (even in the middle of the darkest night He is always there for me). God has made me in a wonderful way (even though the wrinkles and the baby bulge are more obvious). God knows every detail about me: about my body, about my life. Before any day begins, God has planned everything (despite my attempts at super-planning my family). God thinks about me! How precious is that! I can trust God to search my thoughts and know my heart. When there needs to be change, I can trust Him to lead me in the right way.

I encourage you to read this passage on your own. See what God will show you.

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