Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thankful Thursday

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Motherhood is tiring. It is draining and busy. Being a mom takes a lot of effort, which often goes overlooked.

Motherhood is also rewarding. At every level, it makes me smile. It brings a level of joy amidst the exhaustion. Being a mom is the hardest job I will ever love.

My view of motherhood was not a learned ideal received from a class, a book, or a TV show. It was one modeled by my own mother. She exemplified a mother's job with excellence and reality. I knew when she was tired and spent, but that reality was balanced by silliness, caring hugs, and a mother's love.

Looking back as a mother, I am even more grateful for the godly example that my mother gave to me. She showed that being a mom meant loving me, caring for me, and taking time for me. She was there when I fell and there when I soared. She answered the calls of distress, listened, and led me in godly ways of problem solving. She often let me make my own decisions and didn't interfere even when I am sure that she felt otherwise.

My mother prayed for me. I am out of her home with a family of my own, but her prayers have not ended.

She shares with me as a friend. She laughs with me. She spends time with me over a cup of tea.

I am so thankful for my mom. She is a blessing in my crazy life. In a culture of broken homes and crumbling, angry families, I am thankful for the loving example my mom has purposely portrayed.

I don't take my job as a mother lightly. At one point, I thought God would only give me one child to love. In His providence, He chose to take three of my little ones home to Him before I had the chance to meet them. Since then, God has chosen to bless me with three other precious children. I am undeserving of this, yet I am humbly grateful for the privilege of being a mom.

Thank you, Mom, for showing me how to love my kids, how to keep my priorities straight, how to be a wife as well as a mother, and how to keep God as the center of it all.


Laura said...

She makes a great Nana too!!!

Denise said...

Awesome post.

He And Me + 3 said...

That was beautiful! Mom's are the best!

jennifer said...

What a blessing your Mom is!

Jodi said...

Very sweet post about your mom! I had a wonderful, loving mom too. She was a great example, and I pray I can be as good as she was. Happy Mother's Day!