Sunday, March 8, 2009

Warm Weather Blessings

This weekend proved to be a glimpse of spring. Seventy degrees does wonders for the soul and for kids who have been cooped up way too long. Tonight my hubby brought out the fire pit and we enjoyed a hot dog roast – normally a fall activity, but why not enjoy a March campfire.

After dinner, the kids cleared the table albeit reluctantly, and my sweetie and I got to sit by the fire and just talk – no computer, no phones, no TV's. Can I say, I love my hubby and thoroughly enjoy talking with him.

God has allowed a few obstacles in our life recently for us to climb. I am thankful that He will carry us through anything that comes our way. I am thankful for a husband who seeks God and leads our family in a Godly fashion.

I am looking forward to spring for many reasons: new growth forms, we can eat outside (until the bugs shoo us back in), school ends, flowers are in bloom. Until then, I am thankful for a preview of warmer weather to enjoy.

Life has been challenging this year but has also provided many opportunities to grow and see God in a fresh way. Spring is a good reminder of new starts and fresh beginnings.


He And Me + 3 said...

Beautiful post. How fun to sit around a fire with just the hubs. That is awesome.

Green Acres said...

Sounds like you are having our weather Sandy! I'm so glad you are able to enjoy it. What a positive uplifting post as always. How nice for you and your hubby to spend some time together.