Friday, March 6, 2009

Gone Before it Starts

My daughter and I just completed the application for her to be a staff assistant at a Christian camp not too far from our home. She has sought God as to where He would have her serve this year and He directed her to work at NLI. New Life Island impacted my life as a child and continues to challenge my kids' hearts.

Working through the calendar for the summer, we realized that she will be gone almost the entire time. We will have the weekends, but the rest of the week will be spent at camp. I realize that this is a good stepping stone in maturity – a safe place to venture out with the security of home not far away, but I have to say I will miss her tremendously.

I am excited for her and for what God is going to teach her. She will meet new friends, have numerous opportunities to serve on a daily basis, and have the privilege of being fed spiritually herself from the featured speakers during her time at camp.

I have a feeling this will be a summer unlike any other. I have mixed emotions. Life goes on and my roles change. I am trusting God to continue to give me opportunities to impact my daughter's life even though she will spend less time in my home this summer.

I realize that I have been preparing my daughter to serve and grow towards maturity since she was very little. I know this is a little step compared to the major ones to come, but I am thankful that she is choosing wisely and that I am a part of her life to help her grow to be the woman of God that He desires.


Green Acres said...

What a wonderful opportunity for your daughter. I'm putting both of you on my prayer list as you venture into this new journey. I'm sure that she will grow spiritually and have a fantastic summer!

Brooke said...

And again, though we have never met have another connection. I went to New Life Island! I won the week at camp from our church's AWANA program. It was right before we moved and seems like a dream b/c my life changed so dramatically after that. Hope your daughter's application process goes smoothly.

andrew&carmelsuarezministry said...

Hello! May God bless your daughter and He may revealed Himself to her more and more and may He also bless you today and always! God bless!