Tuesday, March 3, 2009


In a few words: loving, hardworking, God-serving, musical, faithful.

This man, my Pop-pop, has seen life in its good times and bad. Today is one of those not so good times. A few short months ago, God chose to take my Pop-pop's honey home to heaven. Pop-pop has been lonely and sad. I cannot even imagine the void after so many years of togetherness. Today my Pop-pop is in the hospital. There are not many answers. His mind is alert, but his body is worn and tired. I honestly wonder how long God will keep him here before calling him home, and that makes me sad.

I have many special memories of Pop-pop: his great smile, his welcoming hug or hand shake, his strong voice. Sometimes as a child I would spend a week during the summer at their house. I remember him putting up a make-shift sprinkler (the hose attached to the clothes line) so that I could cool off on a hot day.

Pop-pop knows how to talk to his Savior. We joked and peeked as his prayers at the table went on. Inside my heart, though, I was amazed at his passion for his Lord. Even when his eyesight went bad, he still spent time in the Word using a magnifier to see the words.

I had the blessing of hearing his talent in music. He sang and played many instruments – all without being able to read music well. I think God placed music in Pop's heart and he couldn't help but share it. Even at Nana's funeral, my Pop-pop stood there in the midst of sadness and sang with his heart, "How Great Thou Art". Only a man who loves his God could sing like that.

Pop-pop loved Nana and loves his girls. No life is devoid of challenges, but they worked through them. Sometimes life takes a lot of work. Relationships take work. Work is hard.

I am thankful for Pop-pop. He is a testimony of faithfulness to his family and to his Savior. I am sad to see him hurt and will be sad to say good-bye for the last time. My family and I are blessed to enjoy such a blessing and be privileged with the heritage he will leave.

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Green Acres said...

Praying for your Pop-pop. My kids call my dad Pop-pop. I enjoyed reading about him.