Monday, March 2, 2009

Pull Back

Can snow be a blessing? Today it is.

We have not enjoyed too much of the white stuff this winter, but God chose to send it today.

Our family has been going through many changes over the past few months. Our calendar continues to be rather full. I had already chosen to pull back the reins of our schedule and make today's school a little more relaxed – free reading, story writing, games, and time for working on their Awana Grand Prix cars for Saturday.

Then the snow came.

Before 9:00 three of the kids were making angels, sledding, and building what fort they could in the powdery snow. (My oldest was able to sleep in and try to kill some of the cold germs wreaking havoc in her body lately.) Playing and working together is always a good thing. The cold temperatures, however, forced the little ones inside before too long.

I sit here watching the snow continue to fall amazed at my Creator God. He controls every gust of wind, every snowflake. I am honestly ready for spring and warmer weather and truly complained to Him yesterday as the first flakes accumulated on my yard. Thank you God for listening to me and choosing to do your perfect will in spite of me.

Thank you God for snow days. Thank you for days to pull back, relax, think, and enjoy what you have given me. Help me ,Lord, to enjoy my kids today and show them a little balance in life.


He And Me + 3 said...

I do so much enjoy the snow days. Glad it was good for you all too!

Green Acres said...

I miss snow days. They're so magical. Glad you all were able to enjoy it!