Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Always Learning

I joined my dad and mom in a visit with my Pop-pop today. Life amazes me as there is always something to learn.

Before I left, my oldest reminded me that all would be fine at home while I was gone for the day. "You're doing the right thing, Mom." I guess she's learning too. She's watching.

The ride wasn't too long, but it was precious uninterrupted time sharing with my dad. I learned more about him and his family. Nothing earth shattering, but precious to learn none the less: what his favorite piece is in "Victory at Sea", that he spent a year at Rutgers grad school before transferring to Montclair, that he never really knew his grandparents, that he questioned God's leading (but never stopped doing what he ultimately knew God had called him to do.)

When I got home, I learned that I need to spend an extra day on the algebra chapter that my oldest has been working on.

Seriously, if I took as much care about learning for myself as I do my kids, I can only imagine what God could teach me in life.

Psalm 27:11 "Teach me your way, O LORD and lead me on a level path . . ."


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Green Acres said...

I still have so much to learn too. He's showing me every day.