Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Time to Get Away

I was thinking of some reasons why it is a good thing to get away.
  • quiet time to think
  • uninterrupted adult conversation with my husband
  • meals that don't include manners lessons or cutting up food
  • beautiful mountains and scenery at a lake house
  • warm, cozy fires
  • time to plan for the year
  • opportunity to appreciate what God has given me in my children and husband
  • weekend date with my sweetheart
  • my kids get quality time with their Nana
  • time to be refreshed as a mom and teacher
  • time to plan how better to invest in my kids' lives
  • chance to beat my hubby in Scrabble (maybe)
  • opportunity to sleep in without an alarm
  • time for my husband to step away from the stress of work
  • something to look forward to every year

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