Sunday, November 16, 2008




I had quiet time to think and observe from my comfortable seat on the couch. God's power in nature took my attention. Take, for instance, the power of wind. Weightless clouds float gently at times, yet moments later are whipped as if they are not needed. The wind churns a once placid lake to a tumultuous mix. Winds bend the strongest of trees whose roots need to dig deep to remain intact.

Fire presents itself as another force to be dealt with. The wood stove produces enough heat to warm the comfy lake house where I am escaping this weekend. How with only a few pieces of wood can so much power be produced? What a difference when the fire's power is not fed.

The power of fire to light a candle beautifies my space tonight. Is my world different without this light? Is it really that powerful? Maybe not much, but I am thankful for the small difference it makes in my life tonight.

Are these forces – wind and fire – accidental elements in nature? I choose to believe in a creator God whose immeasurable power is seen in what He has created. God even presents wind as submissive to His word. I look at the power of the wind over the lake and remember that the clouds are moving at the will of my Father.

Fire purifies, but sometimes that means getting rid of the old. Ultimately God will use the power of fire to destroy who and what doesn't choose Him. There will be a new earth someday because God will choose fire to remove the present one. If one does not choose God as Savior, fire is the result. If you are reading this and God's plan makes no sense to you, please comment so that I can contact you and share my faith in a saving God.

The sun has gone down. I can't see the clouds or the lake. I can't see the results of God's power in the wind. I can trust that what power is in nature is totally obedient to my creator God.

I am created by God for greater purposes than wind and fire. Not that I really know what all those purposes are. God continues to challenge me to allow Him to work His power through me. What changes will I make? Will I stir things up a bit? Will I warm up the people around me? Will I produce a pleasant light to others? Such simple thoughts. What am I going to do with it?

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