Sunday, November 9, 2008

"This is the Best Day Ever"

My sweet hubby suprised my little one by taking her to the grocery store, buying baking supplies, and spending time with just her making cupcakes. Her choice - PINK icing. Her sprinkles - candy hearts. You should have seen her smiles as she hurried to get her shoes on for the trip. Time to spend with just Dad!
The rest of the family was working upstairs getting some much needed organization accomplished. We tried to guess what was going on in the kitchen, but to no avail.
Little one though she was so special because she got to do something with Daddy that no other member of the family could help with. Of course, anything to do with food makes her happy, but to have treats along with special attention was over the top.
It made my heart smile watching the relationship between a daddy and his girl develop.
The monster chocolate cupcakes with pink icing and sprinkles were a hit with everyone.
Near the end of the project, my little one stated,"This is the best day ever!" You can't argue with that.

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