Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I did not return home from a fabulous weekend with my sweetie and not my kids and thoroughly enjoyed some mom down time.

I did not spend the above mentioned weekend devoid of any particular schedule. Seriously, I didn't. Not me.

I did not watch multiple Mad About You DVD's and laugh at seriously silly, corny jokes. Isn't that show so 80's? I am not that old - not me!

I did not count the many mouse traps laid for the unwelcome visitors to the lake side cabin where I was staying for the weekend. I also did not frequently check those traps for victims. That would be too cruel.

I did not loose sleep because of mice in my dreams. Not me.

I did not scream like a girl when I found an unwelcome visitor trapped inside the laundry room. After analysis I did not really declare him dead when in fact he was just sleeping.

I did not demand that my hero husband do something as we could not possibly leave a dead animal in the house for my aunt to find when she returned.

I did not appear distraught when my hero husband suggested I get a broom to push the little visitor on to the dust pan to be further dealt with. Was he kidding?

Laughing and screaming, I did not find the closest chair to climb as my hero husband pulled out the "dead" now fully awake mouse whose hind end was firmly attached to the trap.

I did not continue to laugh uncontrollably as my husband heaved the mouse and trap out the back door.

Hours later, I did not find myself giggling again at the absurdity of the situation and thoroughly enjoyed telling my children of the silliness of their mom. From a very serious minded mom that would definitely not be me!

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Laura said...

I thought it was funny.