Monday, October 20, 2008

Tea, anyone?

Somehow our kids have developed into tea drinking fanatics.

Not that I am surprised. Bryan and I were known as the "tea couple" at Cedarville. Kind of weird, I know, but better that than some other crazy nickname.

Over the years, various tea pots have decorated our home, and we (mainly me) have enjoyed trying new kinds of teas. Bryan and I escape weekly to reconnect/escape and enjoy a cup of tea together, Earl Grey being the favorite. The colder weather has encouraged the kids to expand their horizons and join in the pleasure of a good cup of tea as well. I think they like to be like Mom and Dad, which is great. I think it's cute/funny/ironic to see them sitting with a mug of tea sharing in a conversation or reading a book.

Who would have thought that a cup a tea would bring so much enjoyment?

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