Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Change Your Attitude

I use this phrase quite often in my home. Usually it follows pouting, arguing, complaining, or disobedience. Not often is it a good thing. This morning as I sat quietly alone in the dim of the early hours, my father God told me the same thing. Philippians 2 lays out a command: "your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus." That hit right between the eyes. I questioned what He meant by that. He goes on to explain.

Christ didn't hold on to what was rightfully his. I prefer to demand my rights. I deserve to be treated a certain way . . . don't I? God is not telling me to lie down and let the world roll over me. At least I don't think so. His example is in a sense what he did. He was God and let the world mock Him and kill Him. What am I holding on to that may be rightfully mine, but God wants me to lay aside – security, friendship, control, dreams, my family?

Secondly, He chose to be a servant. Ouch! If servanthood fits into my schedule that's OK, but to go out of my way to choose to be a servant is what God wants me to do. I am not sure exactly where that is. Presently, my area of service is my family. God seems to be pulling me out of other areas with the exception of the young adult singles. He wants me to live with eyes wide open for what I can do for others, and not seek how I can be the most benefited. Christ was the ultimate example. He took advantage of every opportunity and didn't make excuses.

Thirdly, Christ was obedient – to death. At first I looked at this and pushed it off. God is not calling me to die. But then again, is he asking me to put to death attitudes and actions in my life? God himself obeyed. That seems contradictory to me. Taking these verses as a whole, though, it all fits.

The ultimate goal of Christ's example was to bring glory to His father. God is challenging me that this life He has given me is not all about me. How is God receiving the glory? I can't answer that question.

Thankfully, this challenge of change is not something I have to face on my own. I trust in a God who cares about my growth and relationship with Him.

"Change your attitude" takes on new meaning for me.


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