Friday, October 17, 2008

Not Afraid to Ask

I planned a field trip today to the Liberty Science Museum. It ranks in the top 10 places for my kids. I love the way it presents the material: very hands on and lots of helpers to explain things in a fun way. My little guy and the bigger girls even took a shot at walking on an I-beam at least 15 feet off the ground. We had a great time . . . once we got there. Permit me to explain.

To begin the day we dropped my parents off in Bayonne at their cruise ship heading to Nova Scotia for two weeks. We were all very excited even though security didn't let us get near the boat. We did sneak a few pictures on our way out of the drop off zone. That done, we headed to the museum which was no more than two miles from there. It was supposed to be easy, so they say.

Somehow we ended up in Newark (I think) after I got off the Turnpike headed towards the bridge to NYC. Panic began setting in. The best laid plans for the day were not playing out quite like I had hoped. I seemed to be wasting a lot of precious time going nowhere I wanted to be. My husband could be no help even if I had called. I pulled off, not even knowing what road I was on. Turning the corner I viewed three police officers on motorcycles. Now, I have no trouble whatsoever asking for help. I waved out the window, smiled, and gave the details of my dilemma. He put me in the right direction and we finally arrived at our destination.

I shook off disappointment and directed our energies into learning new things together. As we waited at the ticket counter, a kind lady offered to put three of us on her corporate card. That meant I only had to pay for two children – a much appreciated help. One may say it was purely coincidental. I chose to view it as another one of those little blessings in the middle of what I thought was a little mess. Back home again by three, we changed gears and left for another soccer game.

It was quite the day filled with many memories.

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Laura said...

i want to go on record by saying that I had nothing to do with you getting lost. - Mabey I did. Anyway we did have a great time.