Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thankfully the Weatherman Lied

The weekend was hot and dry. Thank the Lord!! He chose to bless me with sunshine and blue sky. Of course, I felt a tad guilty with my request as I saw fields of dry grass due to lack of rain.

Our time was very filled considering we were on a camping vacation weekend. The PA state park offered free programs for the kids which included kayaking, frisbee golf, and a GPS scavenger hunt as well as birdhouse building. When the kids weren't busy with that, they set up their own Amazing Race clue hunt around the campground, rode miles on their bikes, and played a tournament of washers (I came in second to my son!). My youngest daughter spent most of her time with new found friends at the playground adjacent to our sites.

I had looked forward to some reading and possible a relaxing walk. That didn't happen. I sat for a little, but there always seemed like something had to be done. Why do I have such a hard time with that sometimes?

One thing I did enjoy immensely was sitting by the evening campfire sipping the tea my husband had made for me. We had a chance to talk, just the two of us, as we let the fire die down. I love my husband.

Camping is done for awhile. Soccer takes over our life for a few months. There are no weekends to get away as a family until Thanksgiving. Hopefully, Bryan and I can catch a few evenings along the way to sneak in some dates.

I love my family. They are my life. We have been blessed to do so many things. I have been challenged, though, and reminded that experiences are important, but they can't replace relationships. The hardest thing about soccer is that our family dinner time is challenged. I have guarded that faithfully, but this season will be difficult. I am grateful to my Lord who has allowed me to have my kids home during the day. I have seen God work in unique ways in my kids because they are with me more often. That is not to say that family can't be strong and relational without homeschooling (and our family is still learning daily), but I do think it has to be that much more intentional.

Camping is always an experience. I go to be with my family. There are always fun things for them to do and stories to tell. I still prefer hotels and restaurants as a rule, but "roughing it" (air mattresses and space heaters) has its benefits. God's creation is amazing and living directly in it for a few days is a good reminder of all He has given us.

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