Thursday, August 28, 2008

Going Camping

It's going to rain. Need I say more. I hope God chooses to send some sun this weekend. Tenting with 4 children along with other relatives can get messy to say the least when you are in the midst of rain, mud, and puddles. I really am trying not to make this a big deal. My daughter thinks I have no fun. I'm not really that bad. Truthfully, we have done quite a bit of fun this summer. I just don't personally like to be cold and wet and have to clean up after everyone who doesn't mind getting wet and really dirty.

Don't get me wrong, please. Dirt comes with camping. That's just life. My kids do have a great time with their cousins. We eat well. I do get some reading done. I can go for a walk if I want to. I just like sunshine when I am camping.

I will not bring my computer camping. That wouldn't seem right. It's kind of like blow drying my hair at the campground. (That's why I made sure I got my hair cut this week.) I do, however, bring a heater and air mattress. Mom has to have some element of comfort.

I do look forward to sitting at the fire just talking – or listening. The stars are amazing. Living near the city is wonderfully convenient, but it blocks out God's amazing creation of stars. Last year I was able to show Matthew the "Big Dipper" as huge as I have ever seen. What a neat blessing to share with my son.

I am sure a camping blog will follow next week. Enjoy your weekend.



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