Saturday, August 23, 2008

I have been here many times before. Tonight seemed different somehow. I was reading a book while waiting for my pictures to be developed. My tea was hot which is not always the case. I was alone which in itself should make the night unique. I looked up from my book and saw ideas. Thousands of them. Thousands of books about everything from food, to politics, to education, to fitness, to fill in the blank. A wall of magazines that appealed to every interest and desire. I sat there quietly, yet my mind was spinning. I wished I had my computer to write.

I could go crazy in a bookstore. It almost seems like anyone could publish a book about anything. Everyone has ideas. Which ones do you take as truth? A Christian can't hide in himself or live in the past. Our culture is changing - good and bad. How does a Christian filter all these ideas that affront us? Again, I refer to a previous post. Think!! What is really truth? God's Word is the basis for all of this. One may say that the Bible is not relevant to us today. Remember all those things you could look at in the bookstore? God cares about all of that. The principles in His Word make sense for today as well as for when they were written. Some may want to rewrite their own doctrine to make it fit their own world. Cant' do it!

I like to read. Presently I am reading something that I particularly don't agree with, but will finish it so I can be more knowledgeable. My husband and I have chosen books that have led to some great discussion. It's good to read outside your circle. Some of my reading has made me angry. None of my reading, however, can take the place of reading the truth of God's Word. I sat there tonight looking at a world of ideas. Many good. Many funny. Many helpful. Many dangerous. I am thankful for the power of God to lead me in all understanding and conviction of truth and lies.

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