Friday, August 22, 2008

Just Like Christmas

My children woke to a special surprise today. A good friend of our family decided that he had no more room for his Legos. He knew our love for them and gave the children a box load of various sets. There were both traditional sets and ones with motors and gears. Fun!! It was amazing how quickly the kids finished their Friday chores. All four of the kids sat in my son's room for a few hours and went to it. I love to see creativity and thinking in action! They were very proud of their creations. I am sure that this is not a one time thing. My oldest, who is 14, still has boxes of Legos under her bed and pulls them out every once in a while. I could do a commercial for Legos - they are great toys, only they don't fell too great when one gets stranded from the set and finds its way into the bottom of your foot.
Thanks Chris for thinking of our kids and sharing your "toys" with us.

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