Thursday, May 4, 2017

Headed to Graduation

We dropped her off five years ago.  As we pulled out of the CU parking lot, Bryan and I looked at each other teary-eyed knowing we had done our job.  She was never coming home again to stay.  Yes, she has been home for breaks.  Now  as we reach graduation, we could not be happier for our daughter, Laura.  She has worked relentlessly as a woman in the engineering department.  She has not let any learning challenges keep her from doing what she loves to do.  She has made life-long friends. She has nurtured a servant’s heart and has grown even more in love with Jesus as she has taken each step to independence.
My diagnosis came on April 3.  I had no idea if treatment would keep me home from graduation.  With port surgery and two chemo days in the books, I am on the PA Turnpike headed out to see my girls.  This Saturday I will cry I am sure as I watch Laura get her diploma.  God is always good, but this milestone is huge.  Only He could move all the pieces of the story.
Laura has an apartment and job waiting for her in Michigan.  I will miss my girl, but this momma feels so thankful for what God is doing.  I have done my job.  God will keep doing His.

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