Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Except God

Over six years ago, my daughter, Julia, went to heaven.  I remember the moment that I learned that she had gone before me.  I covered my mouth as I sobbed uncontrollably.  My head throbbed.  Sleep eluded me, and when I did sleep, my dreams were horrible.  I found myself in a daze, empty.  Nothing made sense.  I had never met my little girl, not even seen her.  I had no memories but my baby bump that I could no longer feel.  I had heard her heartbeat, but never saw her smile.
This past week, a friend from years past lost her only daughter.  Tragically, her daughter died at the hands of an angry young man with a gun.  His motives, though unclear, took the life of a young lady who loved Jesus.  Christina was the same age as my oldest daughter, Laura.  As little girls, they were in the same class for a few years in school.  They played together on an indoor soccer team and even won a championship.  They sang in the same church choir.  They celebrated birthdays together. 
My friend and her daughter were friends.  She was her biggest cheerleader.  I have not had the chance to talk with the family.  As circumstances are, I will most likely not.  My heart hurts for the family though. 
My friend celebrated life with her daughter.  She walked through the ups and downs of a teenage life.  Now Christina is celebrating life in heaven, and my friend has to figure out life here.  I am confident that she cannot stop crying.  I imagine that sleep is non-existent.  I would think that these past few days have been a blur, a horrible nightmare.  Nothing makes sense when the life of a young lady is taken so horrifically. 
Except God.
At the loss of a child, there seems to be no answers except to trust in a sovereign God who knows yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  But it still hurts.  Oh my goodness, it hurts. 
I am praying for my friend and her family as they mourn and walk through today. There will be a forever scar and an emptiness.  There will be questions with no answers.   Yet, I am confident that God will heal their hearts and will prove Himself faithful and true.  I know this because He has done the same for me. 

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