Tuesday, January 12, 2016

From the Driver's Seat

He towers over me, but sitting next to me as I drive our bus to his biology class he meets me close to eye level.  He didn't say much, but his serene face said that his head and heart were arguing a bit.  Arguments are not all that bad.  Sometimes they are needed to clarify.  
My role was not to argue, but to question.  
I do not know tomorrow.  No mom does.  We all wish we could so as to avoid unnecessary hurdles.  Wouldn't we all in some way wish to lay out the next few years at least.  
God has chosen to bless Matthew with options.  Good choices.  The challenge comes in choosing best, not just good.  I could tell that he has struggled with just that.  He has thought through a few plans. I listened.  I smiled.
I am so thankful that God knows Matthew's yesterdays as well as his tomorrows.  He knows his weaknesses and his strengths.  I am confident that God has a beautiful plan for him.
So, my response was a no brainer.  If you want to know what to do, then you need to ask God.  Ask God.  Ask God.  Lay it all down before him.  Let him know where you feel your heart leading, knowing that our hearts can deceive us.   Know that your decisions have eternal value.  What we may see as little value to us may be invaluable in God's plan.  Be confident not in yourself, but in God.   Be ready to follow.  
All those words sound extremely haughty, maybe holier than thou.  Seriously, does a fourteen year old boy even care?  Does a forty something mom have a clue?  
I can only speak from experience and observation.  God is real, there is no doubt.  He has a plan, I am confident.  Following God is not necessarily pain free or without hurdles.  It is, however, the best decision you will ever make.  

Matthew may work at camp, attend two soccer camps, volunteer at a hospital, or mow lawns.  It may be a combination of all of this.  It may be none of this.   It is January, so he has a lot of praying and seeking to do.  So do I.  

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