Friday, January 8, 2016

A Time to be Thankful

Another year has begun.  We have spent countless hours playing games, enjoyed multiple family dinners, and welcomed the new year with healthy resolutions.  School began this week, and I am already looking forward to a break in February when we visit Laura and Alyson at Cedarville.  
Tomorrow three of my kids will begin their Salao soccer season which means nothing will be accomplished in my house until March.  Oy. 
At the moment, six of my family are playing Skipbo, one is doing dishes, and two are hiding in the office.  My hubby is playing some crazy playlist via the soundbar:  Johny Be Good, The Monkees, Veggie Tales, Elvira.  I told you it was crazy.  
As I have not written in forever, and it is obvious that I have nothing profound to say, I reasoned that a grateful list was in order.  So, here goes.

My kids know how to cook dinner.  And it tastes good.
Christmas included many smiles and hugs.
Aly's fish has not died.  Seriously, I am concerned.
After a great length of rain, there has been some warmer and drier weather for my kids to get outside to get their itchies out.
My littles all went to sleep at their normal time (8:00) on New Year's Eve.  
The new dishwashing schedule seems to working well.
My two huge tables serve us well when there are more than twenty people for dinner over the holidays.
Alyson and Laura have helped with the transportation while they have been home.
God's Word shows me his faithfulness over and over.
Our church family is that - family.
I have a sweet contact with my four newest kids' twin sisters who live with another family.  
Laura gives the boys' haircuts which saves a ton of money.
A penny jar has been effective in catching kids being good.

There is so much to be thankful for.  Not every day is great.  Some days are just yucky.  God is gracious to carry me when I just want to sit down and pout.  

Thank you, God for loving me in so many ways.  

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