Monday, March 23, 2015

The Color of our Skin

We chose adoption.  Truthfully, God did.  
The color of our children's skin made no difference.  If we had been led to Africa we would be fairly confident that the children who would become our family would have ebony black skin and curly black hair.  If God had led us to Asia, our children's skin would have a gorgeous olive tone, and their hair would be strait black.  If we had traveled to South America, our kids' skin would be creamy brown.
We would be fairly certain of these facts.
But God did not lead us out of  the country, or even our county for that matter.  
We were asked at the beginning of our journey what parameters we were placing on what child we would accept.  The funny thing is that we thought we wanted two school aged children.  There was nothing else limiting our decision.  We were then given a 9mo., a 19mo., and a year later a new born, and then another year later a school aged boy.  Not really within our parameters, but that was perfectly fine.
We have a biracial familly and that is wonderfully perfect as well.  
Adopting domestically has its unique challenges as does foreign adoption.  There are many hurting families within 30 miles of our home.  Race makes no difference.  Our adopted children are birth siblings and even within that they are not all the same race.  
Biracial families sadly have challenges to overcome because there are stupid people in the world.  I anticipate dealing with questions, with hurt hearts, and strange words.  

I am so blessed and thankful that God has put all my children in our home.  Black, white, or purple, there is no difference.  I am enjoying the journey as I watch how God has created each of my kids uniquely.  Each of us is precious.  I pray that each of us will sink that treasure deep in the crevaces of our heart.  That God-gift can never be stolen.  

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