Saturday, August 2, 2014

God is Always There for the Needy

I need only to drive a short distance to be reminded that my comfortable, stable, two parent home looks much different than much of the world.  Do I even take a second look, or does life go on without a care? I see the fatherless daily.  They live with me.  My husband has become their daddy, but still these little ones were fathered by another.  I meet the poor and needy weekly.  Do I simply walk out the door, get into my minivan and drive away leaving their cares for another week?  Many of these real people walk to catch a bus to ride back to their one bedroom apartment subsidised by the state.  Some of them have a job, but many of them will lose it by the end of the month for various reasons.  They are real people with real needs transferred to real kids.  Can I just walk away?  
As I read God's Word, I am convicted.  God created each of these real people.  Yes, sin has entered the world and affects each one of us.  We make bad choices which have bad consequences.  Some choices are far reaching.  My heart hurts for children whose lives are affected by others' choices.  In all of that, God reminds me that He fights for these needy people.  He cares for the oppressed.  
There will always be poverty.  I am grateful that God is always there too.  
My heart hurts for the burdens that my children carry.  I am grateful that I have the privilege to show them Jesus.  He is the one who has to carry these heavy loads.  

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