Monday, April 14, 2014


Our mini van broke down for possibly the last time - we still have a vehicle that can transport our entire family.
Another counseling visit is on the calendar twice a month - a child will get some much needed help.
Our continued journey of fostering to adopt is hitting some more twists and turns - I have the chance to watch God do something big, again.
Spring break has been cut short due to snow days - I can enjoy some time with Maddie and my little girl while the rest are in school.
Family dinners are getting harder and harder - my kids are flexible, and they can cook.
Laura is only home for a few days - we all get to enjoy time as a family at Easter.
God has lead my kids' youth pastor and his family to minister elsewhere - Bryan and I get to work with this great group of teens and youth leaders on Sunday mornings.
There is a mud pit at home plate, sand on the OUTSIDE of the sandbox, and who knows what buried in the flower pots - we have a backyard for kids to be kids.  

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