Sunday, March 30, 2014

Living with Noise

They wake to the world with thuds, pounds, and cries.  Little hands knocking on the door jar my mind’s sweet dreams back to my present reality.  The noises crescendo as the hours pass with only a brief rest midday for the toddler’s nap.  They talk.  They yell.  They fuss.  They argue.  They demand.  They kick. 
Grab them on your lap and the noise subsides.  Whisper in their ear and they whisper back.  Stoop down in the kitchen to see directly into their eyes and their hunger for control and power appears less strong.  They see you.  They feel you.  They want you.
I appreciate quiet.  Noise gives me a headache.  Why then do I have eight children?  Only the Lord knows the answer to that.  My children will not fit my picture of perfection, but they make my family as perfect as it will be by God’s grace. 
The bookstore becomes my respite.  I appreciate time away if only for an hour.  God is teaching me to live with the noise of life.  Hurting hearts are noisy.  Searching hearts are noisy.  Stretching minds are noisy.  Confused lives are noisy.
God is peace. 

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