Monday, March 24, 2014


Given the remote chance of a quiet evening, I could fall asleep instantly and stay that way for many hours.  My body is resisting my schedule today.  Our journey of foster care brings many outsiders into our daily life and home.  It is virtually inpossible to simply live.  God has graciously carried us moment by moment, and has chosen to keep us fairly healthy.  I am grateful, but I am tired.   Grumpiness and grouchyness fight hard to push at my heart's door.  It is one of those days that I should, for the best of my family, keep my mouth closed.  On that note, I choose to be thankful.

Free coffee Mondays 
Two little girls singing together with happy hearts
Dinner in the crock pot
Safety in all the driving
Clean bathrooms
Working applicances
Spring flowers 
Cozy sweatshirts
Eternal promises 

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