Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Walk in the Mall

I just wanted to end the day without a negative sign before my calorie count reminding me that it was a tad high.  To resolve the problem I went for a walk. Anything to justify the hot mocha with cream that I enjoyed before dinner.   My schedule with many kids does not allow for much wiggle room to squeeze in a power walk when I feel like walking.  So tonight, I chose to forgo my usual venti Earl Grey in the bookstore in place of a power walk in the mall.
GPS in hand I headed out, thinking that four laps should do it.  This was to turn out to be anything but a simple walk in the park, um I mean, mall. 
Let me back up a bit.  Last night I enjoyed the pleasure of sitting with three young ladies at Starbucks as they began their trek through the book of Daniel via Beth Moore.  You cannot understand the book, though, until you understand the setting.  Babylon was a self absorbed, over indulgent, culture that ignored God completely.  We may not live in the ancient city itself, but today my walk reminded me that my Babylon is no more than a ten minute drive from my home.  

“You love it.  You want it.  You need it now.”
“Attitude you can wear”
“Style your way”

I did not enter one store, yet as I made my laps, each sign pushed harder and yelled louder to live it up and take what you can in life. 

Mind you, I was on a walk, by myself, for myself.  It seemed in one way hypocritical to make such accusatory observations.  On the other hand, the pictures of scantily clad women and shirtless men, and in-your-face salespeople who literally reach out to get you to buy their product, push the Babylonian agenda blatantly. 

Malls are not inherently wrong.  Kids’ clothes can be quite cute.  Jewelry is beautiful to admire.  A Cinnabon a sweet treat to be sure. 

Tonight was a reminder of the battle we wage daily for our minds, our families, our lives.  I think that keeping my mall visits to a minimum will be a good start to strengthening my stand in Babylon. 

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