Sunday, September 8, 2013

Family Motto

I may err on the side of trendiness, however, the trend to post a family motto or purpose statement in one’s home makes sense to me.    I thrive on a plan.  I need purpose, so I worked with my kids (and hubby) a few weeks ago to put down on paper what we do and why we do it.  Mind you, it was not as easy as I had thought originally.  Why do we do what we do?  Just because?  Is there a purpose greater than myself?  I would hope so, yet there are many times we moms enjoy a well-ordered, well-groomed family with no basis for our choices outside of selfish ambition.  I am guilty.  Not that order is bad, but consider the basis for all order. 
Using the acronym of our family name, we chose a motto that defines our family.  Biblical truth supports each statement, but I chose to use the verses for discussion and foundation rather than add them to the wall art that will be placed in our home. 
We will fail horribly to hold to this purpose.  I will fail.  Yet, seeing these brief phrases will hopefully trigger a change and refocus our family to reach a God-driven purpose. 

  Serve others. Choose to make peace.            Handle each day with grace.  Remember to say please, thank you, and I love you.  Open our home to others.  Love God with all our heart.  Laugh every day.  Forgive first.  Admit mistakes.  Magnify Jesus.  Identify the good in each other.  Live with purpose.  Yield our rights in order to bless others.

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