Thursday, July 18, 2013

School Never Ends

Things I am learning –
God is big
Backyards of clover are okay
There are many ways to settle sibling conflicts that do not involve yelling
Time away with my husband is not a luxury but a necessity
Teens do not have to rebel
Junior high boys know how to write and care to journal
Two years of a child’s life go more quickly the older I get
Camp is a great place for a kid
My princess wants to run a 5K, my little man wants to run a 10K, my sweetie wants to run a half marathon, and my angel just runs; I seem to be running for my life
I do not miss leaving the news off at night
My little one can tell a good joke
Kirby cucumbers taste really good
Kids do not need to snack on the beach
It was worth it to pay for my son’s paintball at camp last week so that I could get a clean refrigerator this week
Sometimes it is worth it to drive the bigger vehicle to share a conversation with a friend
The bridge from the ocean island to the main land is 2 miles long
God is always working
I am always learning

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