Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I think if I were to birth another son, his name would be Michael.  Not that I plan on having any more children or that I have run this idea past my sweetie.  Nevertheless, I really like that name. 
I have become very aware of God’s angels lately.  They have been fighting for our family on many fronts.  God’s Word gives many accounts of the role that angels have played in history.  I feel that knowing God has an army working for him, a God who knows all and can do all, makes me feel secure in what I do not know and cannot see. 
Michael was one of those angels God talks about.  He fought for Daniel.  He contended with the Devil.  He fought Satan and won, kicking Satan and his angels out of heaven.  That is a very impressive resume.  I want that kind of fortitude and winning record on my side. 
I wish I could see the angels:  the ones that protect, the ones that fight, the ones that direct, the ones that close the mouths of lions, the ones that not only fight for you, but also fight with you, the ones that guard gardens and the ones that guard holy graves. 
I imagine brilliance.  I picture swords.  I hear nothing.  I see power under submission to the Almighty. 
Wouldn’t that be amazing if our sons fit that description?  That is a heavy burden to put on a mortal being.  God has not given my sons that job.  He has other things in store for them, but the example is relevant. 
I still think that the name, Michael, is amazingly rich in its connotation.  Maybe a grandson?

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