Thursday, May 16, 2013


Supports do just that – support.  They hold up and give strength.  Supports give credence as well and encourage to keep on going.  A support allows one to stand up, walk, and move forward. I depend on supports.  Without them I would fall face down in a frenzy of failure. 
Read the gospels and you will find a Savior, who though he was God, depended on a support system whom he handpicked.  Christ lived the example of help both given and received.  He would not fall.  He could never fail.  Yet, he was the God-man who lived in a fallen world determined to beat him down.  Men were hell-bent on destroying him and everything for which he stood.  Christ chose friends to support him.  In the end they ran.  He was still God.  He still won.
We still live in a fallen world waiting for ultimate redemption.  Men are still trying to silence Christ and anyone or anything that has to do with him.  Christ warned us of that.  We will be beat down. 
Therein lies the need for support.  God’s truth and plan will never fade or falter.  I will.  I depend on supports daily to keep on keeping on doing what God wants me to do.  I do not like the feeling of being beat down.  It leaves bruises, and I may limp a bit.  But, as a crutch, the supports that God has brought in to my life assist me as I take the next step.  Some use that word, crutch, derogatorily with the intent to show the ultimate inability to stand on one’s own.  I see a crutch as a help to get better, a tool for today to move to tomorrow, something temporal not forever.  The following are a few supports that God has graciously placed for me to hold on.
Daily Bible reading plan
Prayer with friends
Prayer of my husband
Encouragement from my Mom
Smiles, sunshine, and blue skies
Promises kept
And so many more . . .

I write this hesitantly as I know that Satan wants nothing more than to see us Christians fall horribly, leaving us injured, bruised, and incapable of moving forward.  Thank you, Lord, that you are stronger than any of that.  Thank you, Lord, for support in a tough time.  Thank you, Lord that you have not promised a win here on earth, but you have already chalked one up for eternity. 
Hold me up, Lord.

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