Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So Thankful

Eight chairs lined the tables in the room.  I thought maybe we needed a few more but just a few.  Over the next ten minutes the circle grew to almost three times its size.  So did my heart.   
My appeal to pray in a church basement Sunday school room was met with gracious hearts and beautiful smiles.  My friends of all ages joined me to pound on the doors of heaven and ask our God, the God of the universe, to do abundantly more than we could ask or think in my family.  I began with a feeble request to a few friends, but the desire to share in this powerful experience of prayer was met by many more. 
I am humbled and blessed.  I do not know how God will answer, but I know that he listened that night. 
These friends are part of something so much bigger.  Our prayers focused on the children in our family in particular, but there are so many who are in this story, and they were lifted before the throne.  As we move slowly toward a decision, these praying friends will not give up.  It has been an exciting work of God to see so many world-wide join in praying for God’s will and His peace in a hurtful and unsettling situation.  Community has taken on a new level of meaning.
Prayer is not a set of magic words, a mantra, or a duty.  It is, however, an opportunity to share in the work of God, mature in faith, and grow in deeper relationships with God and His people. 
Thank you, Lord, for listening.  Help me to wait for the answer and accept what you have for my life.  Thank you for friends who pray along with me.  Please bless them. 

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Charlotte Smith said...

Wonderful that you have this support., Sandy & Bryan . Most of all you can trust God for the children's best. Happy for you & praying as God brings you to my mind. Memories of the not so fun times of our lives in fostering. Fondly, Charlotte.