Wednesday, February 6, 2013


PV, our pastor, began a study in James this past Sunday.  I could not get past verse three.  I have read, studied, and taught this book.  Isn’t that just God, though, to show me something so refreshing that leaves my eyes bug-eyed and my mouth agape and His truth. 
Verse three states, “know this that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”  This follows James’ emphatic statement that we will unexpectedly meet various trials. 
The “testing of my faith” is what boxed my ears.  It does not say that my patience or financial stability was being tested.  Neither my health nor my schedule was being tested.  My faith will be tested.  What I believe will be put to the fire, will be proven, and will be challenged when trials come.
What do I believe?  Is my faith in myself?  Am I putting my faith in what has always worked to eek my way through another challenging day?  When tomorrow comes and another trial raises it hand to God for its turn, where is my faith? 
Thank you, Lord, that your Holy Spirit is alive and well and never stops his job of teaching, and reprimanding me.  
In my little world, there are many days where the gauge measuring my perseverance points dangerously to E.  This precious verse made me stop and think.  Is perseverance lacking because I have not allowed my faith to be proven?  Do I shy away when the fire gets hot? 
Believe me, friends, I do not like being hurt.  Fire hurts.  However, it also purifies.  It has been used to test integrity and purity. 
With trembling lips and faltering steps I enter tomorrow waiting to see how God will prove my faith.  It may require tears, salve, and bandages. 
The verses go on to promise a treasure of completeness and without want of character.  I am going to hold on to that promise.
Lord, help my unbelief. 

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