Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Unwrapping one of God’s gifts before Christmas seemed wrong, but that is what I did today.  I tore it open, not sparing any paper.  I had opened this gift before, yet today it looked a little different.  Maybe my face gave away a bit of concern.  Would it fit now? 
They were filled with fear.  I could understand them, the shepherds.  Sitting, waiting, watching, working all the time.  But, they were afraid.  God’s angel had shown up.  His words spoke a calm, “Fear not for I bring you good news.”  Now, that is something that I could use.  That would look really good on me.  Fear does not. 
In the midst of their fear, God’s glory shone.  Not just on them, but all around them.  What do people see when I am afraid?  I am afraid often.  Will I say the wrong thing?  Did I do the wrong thing?  What if tomorrow brings heartache?  Will I be able to handle it? 
God gifted me with “Fear not.” 
I did not see angels or hear them singing.  Some may question, but I have not lost it yet.  What I did see was a God who cared about the big picture and the little details.  I saw a God who spoke to the ordinary person on an extraordinary day.  I felt a calm from a God who has the authority to take away my fear and show his glory in my world.

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Margaret Feinberg said...

beautiful! Love your random thoughts :)