Monday, July 16, 2012

Daily Adjustments

I walked like a lady many years older than my birth certificate admits.  Carrying a large toddler on my hip will do that.  If my insurance offered reasonable chiropractic care, maybe I would have called for an adjustment.  Ice and ibuprofen would have to suffice. 
My body has needed frequent adjustments over the years.  They do not always give immediate results, but they definitely set my body in line for a healthier and more productive day. 
The same could have been said for my attitude this past weekend.  It needed major adjustments – the kind that would put my life back in line.
·         It rained most of the day on Saturday, a day when my kids really needed to get out and run around; it did not rain for my sweetie and little man who were camping together for the weekend.
·         Sunday morning as a single parent was rough dealing with crying, whining, and complaining; the littles blessed me with their singing during church as they showed their heart and passion on the stage.
·         I do not enjoy dressing up or dressing up kids; we received free food because we spent the time to dress like a cow.
·         Sometime life stinks and people are the cause for the stench; God’s word is so appropriate and timely when the smell gets seemingly unbearable. 
·         I could not get a nap on Sunday due to laundry and packing for my little one’s week at camp; this is the first year that my little one gets to go to an overnight camp to meet new friends, experience new things, and be immersed in God’s Word.
I require these adjustments frequently.  Thankfully, I do not have to carry an insurance card to acquire the benefit.  I simply have to open the Book and listen.

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