Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Really do Take Pictures

In taking a quick glance over the last few posts, I realized that a picture post is in order.  So, here goes.  We take many pictures in our family.  Putting them in order, printing them, or designing photo books - well that is another story. 
I was able to join some friends and make new ones at a ladies' conference.

This sums up the ladies' weekend.

My sweetie and I enjoying a few moments to sit down - there is not a whole lot of that with little ones in the house.

Angel and I sort of look like each other - don't you think?

I enjoyed a few days with my sweet sister and her family.

One of the painted lady butterflies that we set free after a really exciting butterfly science unit

Princess looked beautiful at our church's spring dinner and shore weekend.

I know she looks crazy, but we had a great family dinner at Bobby's Burger Palace (Bobby Flay).


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