Friday, April 13, 2012


Today  . . .
I both rejoiced and lamented that it was Friday.  The week is over, but that means that spring break is coming to a close.
I opened the windows to allow the fresh air to invade my home.
I giggled and cheered at my Daredevil as he hit a baseball “really far”.
I stood outside talking real life with my Angel.
I made an easy dinner.
I savored an ice cream sundae settled in a waffle bowl and smothered in chocolate and fruit.
I took video of my little ones swinging and smiling.
I smiled as my handsome and amazing sweetie came riding home on his bike.  He took it to work today instead of the car. 
I along with my Princess picked up MANY Legos off the family room floor realizing that those Legos represented many hours of creative fun.
I sat two little ones on the potty MANY times.  One might say that we have a long way to go on this training journey.
I attempted to catch up on some laundry though I understand that is a futile aspiration. 
I welcomed a friend for an overnight with my Little One for her birthday. 
I praised my Angel over and over for taking the time to sand, stain, and seal a table for our school room.  I truly hate that job and avoid it at all costs.
I put my Sunshine to bed for an early nap because she was amazingly cranky and was making the rest of us cranky.
I realize that I did not spend enough time with my Little Man or have enough conversation with him.  That will have to change. 
I discovered that left unguarded my Tiger can climb an entire flight of stairs. 
I smiled inside as my Princess, who was working with the little girls on a candy project, said (again) that she was not going to homeschool. 
I took my Little One and Tiger to the grocery store to find the best ice cream for her party.  We chose Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cookies and Cream Extreme. 
I took a nap.
I realize that I am truly blessed. 

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