Monday, April 16, 2012

October Baby

I don’t go to the movies often.  Truth be told, there is not much out there that interests me.  October Baby did.  I half dragged my sweetie with me last Saturday to see the movie.  It was not advertised much, and the multiple vacant seats in the theater told the same story. 
October Baby is not a feel good, run-of-the-mill chick flick.  It has a few known actors, and it presents a well done piece of theater (in my very humble opinion).  The fact is, October Baby is pro-life – something that is not welcome in the mainstream media. 
At this point in our life, my husband and I have been immersed with birth and death, adoption and birth mothers, joy and uncertainty.  This movie hit it all.  The main character is a 19 year old only child who suffers with numerous health issues.  You do not go far into the story before you learn that her struggling health stems from her survival of a failed abortion.  As she learns this, she also finds out that she is adopted.  Her parents never told her.   At this realization, she begins a journey to find her birth mother and understand better who she really is.  Along the way she finds rejection by one and acceptance by others.  She learns of her brother who did not survive, and she learns more about the love her parents have provided from those early days in the hospital.  The movie introduces relational conflict as any good story should.  In the end there is resolution and forgiveness.  Mixed up in the middle is the horror and enduring pain of abortion – a reality often unseen. 
Many elements of the movie pulled at my heart.  There was much in the story line that hit home for me. I will be forever thankful that the babies in my home have a birth mom who chose to carry them to term even though it was inconvenient.  Being reminded again of the atrocity of murdering babies, I am so thankful that God has placed this burden of fostering and adoption on the hearts of both my sweetie and me.  There are so many hurting moms and desperate children in our world.  We Christians have so much to share.  We need to believe that God can heal their hearts.  Forgiveness is available. 
We chose to watch this movie without our kids for obvious reasons, but we have shared generally the story and the pain that resulted.  I am confident that this story will be etched into my heart for while. 
Unfortunately few theaters are showing this powerful story.  Go here to find out where you can see it for yourself.  Bring a friend.  Open your heart.  Watch what God can do.

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