Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You've Got Mail

I am a mail loving kind of girl.  I guess you could say I am a male loving kind of girl too as I am madly in love with my sweetheart and the three other little men in my home.  But, I digress.   Both e-mail and snail mail grabs my attention.  Whether that is good or bad is up for debate, though not today.  This afternoon I received a piece of mail from the state courts.  I am mandated to appear at a mediation for the babies at the end of April. 
Now, in the last almost twenty months I have never had to appear in court.  The babies’  trial is not until the beginning of May.  However, this is the state’s attempt to come to an agreement with the biological mother before trial.  I read the order, reread the order, and read it again.  Then, I texted my sweetie.  Thankfully, he will able to join me.  As he is an attorney and is in family court quite often, he is a wonderful calm in the midst of a tad bit of chaos.  I really do not know what I am to do at this mediation.  I have no decision making power legally.  Many others will be there representing both sides.  Our heart is that we will be able to adopt these children.  How do I express my heart’s desire without destroying any bridge that I have built with the bio mom?  Oh, Lord, give me wisdom, discernment, clarity of thought and word, in addition to a greater love for this mother and the fathers that will be present. 
This mediation presents the mom with the opportunity to agree to give up her children to me.  Most say that will not happen.  Most anticipate a long, drawn out case which includes an appeal.  I am reminded of the prayer that I prayed when our family entered foster care.  We asked God to wow us.  I know that it is going to take God’s wowing power to change this mom’s heart. 
Lord, wow us again. 

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