Monday, March 19, 2012

Dirty Kids

The outdoors brings out the best and the worst in my children.  Their adorable sand sprinkled bodies smile confidently as they run the exact opposite way of me down the sidewalk.  I watch them as they toe the boundary between driveways scootering with all their might.  They plead, whine, and beg for just one more game of basketball with a friend next door because maybe, just maybe they might win.  It appears that every toy has made its way out of the garage and shed, but before the dinner call, every one of them is put back, at least out of sight.  Sweaty, smudged kids sit not so patiently for dinner, yet I smile inside knowing that they exerted energy, practiced creativity, engaged in friendships, and just plain didn’t care about dirt for the afternoon.  They are all clean now.  The babies are in bed, and the middle kids are heading there soon.  I am not an outdoors person by any stretch of the imagination.  However, sitting outside with my kids as I enjoy blue skies, playful giggles, shouts of “Mommy, watch me,” and of course my cup of coffee, parenting is that much easier. 

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Bryan said...

You also hope it makes them sleep well.