Sunday, February 26, 2012

Father to the Fatherless

I escaped (yes, I use that word occasionally) to run a few errands and grab a bite to eat.  As I left, our daredevil 3yo lay peacefully in the crook of my sweetie’s arm – quiet, calm, secure.  Sweetie is Daddy.  There is no doubt about that.  He fills his role selflessly and with purpose.  I am truly blessed to have watched him grow in that role over the last eighteen years.  I can still recall some of our first moments as parents.  I remember him leaning over the warming bed where our little angel, only a few minutes old, lay.  His finger caressed her hand and tears welled in our eyes.  He would be there to protect her and love her no matter what.  We had no idea where life would take us.  Here we were with a 6lb 6oz precious gift.  We now held the titles of Mom and Dad.  But what did that really mean?
Casting Crowns new album presents the song, “Just Another Birthday”, that brings up the question, what about the fatherless? What about those whose father chose to stay distant or even dangerous?   Listening to it in the car, I began to tear up.  Our family is a two parent, secure, loving, accepting, and nurturing home.  However, we have the privilege of fostering three children long term who may never meet the man who fathered them.  What will that mean to them?  They are blessed to have my sweetie in their life, but what questions will be raised as they grow older?  If God so chooses to send these children back to their biological mom there will be no daddy in the picture.  We know for a fact that one of the dads has signed off for good.  He does not want to deal with his child at all.  How sad to choose to miss out on one of the greatest roles God ever ordained. 
Being a parent to these children demands sacrifice and time.  The role of fostering brings parenting to a whole new universe.  But, how can our roles of mom and dad truly be fulfilled in these lives whose own universe has been invaded and turned inside out?  I struggle with that.
One thing that will never change is God’s role as father.  He will never choose to leave or give up responsibility.  He keeps us safe and knows all that is going on.  His love is deeper than we could ever imagine.  When we need his strong arms to hold us or carry us, we can count on his strength.  He does not lie or come under judgment for he is perfect.
Our little ones are blessed with an earthly foster father who loves them and wants them to be with him forever if that is how God leads.  I pray each night that they will learn to love their heavenly father with all their heart and that they will know how much that heavenly father adores them no matter what. 

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This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!!